Ford 2012 Focus in Grand Rapids, Michigan

2012 Ford Focus for Sale in Grand Rapids, MI

Forget fun to drive. Bumper cars are fun to drive. The 2012 Focus has an intense side that comes out when you push the start button. It comes with an all-new chassis and suspension that’s tighter and better than ever, and a new cornering assist system that puts the torque where the traction is. We took some very sweet performance technology and put it at your finger tips. Borgman Ford in Grand Rapids, Michigan focuses on service and savings, bound by a tradition of excellence and honor to help you into a new 2012 Focus in West Michigan.

For 2012, the Focus offers crisp handling thanks to a rear stabilizer bar and our fully-independent control blade rear suspension that stubbornly resist body roll. The available sport-tuned suspension is taut and confidence inspiring. And add to all that the Titanium trim level with 18” wheels and low profile summer tires and you’ll look forward to a ride you’ll love every day.

The new Electronic Power Assist Steering (EPAS) automatically adjusts to deliver precise responses at high speed and optimal maneuverability at slower speeds when needed. Its Pull-Drift Compensation technology constantly measures the driver’s steering input, adapts to changing road conditions and helps compensate for slight directional shifts caused by factors such as uneven road surfaces or steady crosswinds. What you’ll notice is enhanced responsiveness and superior control, specifically tuned for each Focus model.

If our designers were cubists, the 2012 Focus might have turned out boxy. Clearly, they are not. Instead, they created a shape, and shapes within that shape. The belt line is actually several belt lines, shifting into a Z-shaped pattern that gives the Focus muscular shoulders over its wheels. It’s kinetic design. It makes the car look like it’s in motion even when it’s parked. This is a car that looks coiled and ready to spring. So go ahead. Get in. And start more than a car.


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